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1. 12/01/03, Eagle COH, Max Treece & Frank Adams.
2. 06/17/97, BVI sailing, Princess of Tides (Max Treece captain), Len Fiume & Brian Schlenker
3. 06/18/00, Royal Gorge rafting, Owen Koch, Julian Love, Marshall Koch, Zeke Johnston, Rob Sellers, Ryan Taylor.
4. 07/07/98, Tooth of Time from Stockade, crew 627-J-1 (Julian Love advisor), Derek McGarry in foreground.
5. 06/30/03, Baldy Mtn. with crew 626-G-2 (Glenn Holladay advisor) approaching Miranda, Brian Schonder, Mark Loring, Robby Buddo, David Inscoe, Drew Gray, Matt Walker, Alex Barnes in foreground.
6. 08/28/10. Scuba diving.  Hunter Ives.
7. 07/24/91, Camp Grimes flag ceremony, Neal Brincefield, Andy Brincefield, Derek McGarry.
8. 07/18/04, Camp Grimes troop photo.
Special Program Features
Family Life Merit Badge


The Troop offered all of its Scouts the opportunity to work on the Family Life Merit Badge during the first two Monday night Troop meetings in June. The class met from 7:30 - 8:15 both evenings.

Family Life is an Eagle required merit badge and takes at least 13 weeks to complete. Attending both sessions of these classes allows a Scout to get a significant jump start on the merit badge; however, to earn the merit badge the Scout will need to work independently with an assigned Merit Badge Counselor in order to satisfy requirements that cannot be accomplished in a classroom setting.

If you are interested in working on the Family Life merit badge, please do the following:
  1. Attend both meetings in June. If you attend both meetings, your Scoutmaster will provide you to a Merit Badge Counselor. You will then have the ability to work with your counselor to satisfy the remaining requirements so that you can earn the merit badge.
  2. Prior to the first meeting on June 1, review the Family Life merit badge requirements, workbook, and pamphlet. Since this is an important Eagle-required badge that you will be working on for 3 months, all Scouts are advised to purchase their own copy of the meirt badge book at the Council Service Center Scout Shop.
  3. Plan to participate in class and be an active member of the class. Class participation will be required.
  4. Following the two classes, communicate with the counselor that has been assigned to you and work with him or her in order to complete the merit badge.

Important references:

Family Life Merit Badge Requirements Acrobat PDF

Family Life Merit Badge Workbook Acrobat PDF

Family Life Merit Badge Pamphlet Acrobat PDF

List of Scouts, assigned Merit Badge Counselors, and June 1 & 8 class attendance record. Acrobat PDF

Contact Scoutmaster Brian Smyth, sm@troop116.org, for additional information and quesitons.

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