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1. 12/01/03, Eagle COH, Max Treece & Frank Adams.
2. 06/17/97, BVI sailing, Princess of Tides (Max Treece captain), Len Fiume & Brian Schlenker
3. 06/18/00, Royal Gorge rafting, Owen Koch, Julian Love, Marshall Koch, Zeke Johnston, Rob Sellers, Ryan Taylor.
4. 07/07/98, Tooth of Time from Stockade, crew 627-J-1 (Julian Love advisor), Derek McGarry in foreground.
5. 06/30/03, Baldy Mtn. with crew 626-G-2 (Glenn Holladay advisor) approaching Miranda, Brian Schonder, Mark Loring, Robby Buddo, David Inscoe, Drew Gray, Matt Walker, Alex Barnes in foreground.
6. 08/28/10. Scuba diving.  Hunter Ives.
7. 07/24/91, Camp Grimes flag ceremony, Neal Brincefield, Andy Brincefield, Derek McGarry.
8. 07/18/04, Camp Grimes troop photo.
Troop 116 Camping & High Adventure
Boy Scout Summer Camp

2 0 1 6

Mecklenburg Scout Reservation
Located on 1,200 acres in the South Mountains of McDowell County, near Marion, NC

2016 Boy Scout Summer Camp at Camp Grimes
Merit Badge Individual Advancement Reports (07/15/16) - official Camp Grimes report
Shows details for each Scout & badge, with attendance and requirements credits.
Acrobat PDF

Troop 116 is scheduled to attend Camp Grimes for Week 4, Sun. July 10 to Sat. July 16.
$230 must be paid by Wed. Mar. 16 or a late fee may be incurred.
Summer camp is an essential part of the advancement process
and the overall Scouting experience.

Troop Initial 2016 Camp Information Flyer & Sign Up Instructions (12/05/15) Acrobat PDF

2015 Council Camp Grimes Promotional Brochure Acrobat PDF

Register Scouts online using this 2-step process:
1. Add name & required info to the Online Sign Up List

2. Make payment online
Sign-up not complete until the $230 per Scout fee is paid

Pre-Camp Reference Material for Camp Grimes 2016
2016 Final (almost) Information Packet (rev 05/24/16) - including below items: Acrobat PDF
1. Scout-Parent Meeting Reminder / Travel Schedule
2. Camp Grimes General Information, including -
Camp Contact Info / Medications / Visitation / Theme Days / OA Brotherhood / Early Pickups / Camp Bank / ATV, Welding, E-Prep Info
3. Clothing & Equipment List
4. Sunday Timeline
5. Driver List (as of 05/03/16)
6. Driving Directions & Map
7. Camp Dining Hall Menu (2015)
8. Daily Schedule
9. Merit Badge Quick Ref & Restrictions
10. Camp Map
11. Tent Partners (as of 05/24/16)
12. Swim Test Status
Name Lists (rev 05/16/16) Acrobat PDF
1. Alphabetical List
2. Scout Patrol Roster
3. Contact List
4. Photo Directory
Merit Badge Class Signup Lists (rev 05/10/16) - sequenced by name and by each session Acrobat PDF
Merit Badge Fees
List of Troop 116 campers who need to pay merit badge fees based on the classes selected. Acrobat PDF
This list includes Troop 116 Scouts registered as Provisional Campers who are going different weeks with other troops.
As specified in the Camp Grimes Leader's Guide, certain merit badges have additional fees. These fees may be paid online here
per the email instrutctions from our Troop 116 Camp Grimes Summer Camp Coordinator in his email to you on April 21.
Please pay these fees now.
< Currently Inactive >

The initial signup deadline has passed but it may still be possible to register.
Contact the Scoutmaster or the Troop Summer Camp Coordinator.

Detail Information Packet from Troop 116 (rev 02/23/16) - including below items: Acrobat PDF
a. Overview
b. MB Class Recommendations from Troop 116 Leaders
c. Camp MB Class Schedule
d. Camp MB Requirements Quick Ref Guide
e. MB Class Signup Form - Turn in as soon as possible. Due Wed. Mar. 16, but sooner is better.
f. Tent Partner Request Form - Due by Mon. Apr. 11
g. Carpool Signup Form - Due by Mon. Apr. 11

2016 Camp Grimes Program Planner / Use this tool to help select your merit badge class schedule
This tool is recommended for use by 2nd year or higher Scouts, or older Scouts 1st class or above who have alredy earned several merit badges.
To use this tool, you need to know what merit badges you have already earned. Don't select classes for badges you already have.
If you don't know what you have already earned, ask the Scoutmaster for your Individual Progress Report that lists all your badges earned.
Remember to consider the recommendations of the Troop 116 Leaders outlined in the Detail Information Packet.

Deadline for return of merit badge signup form is Wed. Mar. 16, 2016, but sooner is better.

Camp Grimes Leader's Guide (rev 02/23/16) - including below items: Acrobat PDF
a. Welcome
b. Life at Camp
c. Advancement at Camp Grimes
d. Merit Badge Descriptions
e. Other Programs & Activities
f. Daily & Program Schedules
g. Merit Badge Quick Reference Guide
h. Map

Troop Initial 2016 Camp Information Flyer & Sign Up Instructions (12/05/15) Acrobat PDF
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