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1. 12/01/03, Eagle COH, Max Treece & Frank Adams.
2. 06/17/97, BVI sailing, Princess of Tides (Max Treece captain), Len Fiume & Brian Schlenker
3. 06/18/00, Royal Gorge rafting, Owen Koch, Julian Love, Marshall Koch, Zeke Johnston, Rob Sellers, Ryan Taylor.
4. 07/07/98, Tooth of Time from Stockade, crew 627-J-1 (Julian Love advisor), Derek McGarry in foreground.
5. 06/30/03, Baldy Mtn. with crew 626-G-2 (Glenn Holladay advisor) approaching Miranda, Brian Schonder, Mark Loring, Robby Buddo, David Inscoe, Drew Gray, Matt Walker, Alex Barnes in foreground.
6. 08/28/10. Scuba diving.  Hunter Ives.
7. 07/24/91, Camp Grimes flag ceremony, Neal Brincefield, Andy Brincefield, Derek McGarry.
8. 07/18/04, Camp Grimes troop photo.
Troop 116 Advancement and Awards
Troop 116 Special Recognition Events

Max Treece, Troop 116 Scoutmaster, Nov. 1995 - Nov. 2005
Troop Court of Honor, December 5, 2005

A special recognition tribute to honor Max Treece's 10-years of service as Scoutmaster was given at the Family Night Dinner/Court of Honor in December 2005. In attendance along with all Troop Scouts, leaders and parents, were Max's wife, Elaine, and his older son, Zeb, who travelled from eastern North Carolina as a surprise to his dad to be on hand for the tribute. Zeb is Troop 116's 99th Eagle Scout, having earned this award in 1992. Ben, Max's younger son and 2003 Troop 116 Eagle Scout #163, could not get away from exams in college to attend.

St. John's Rector, The Rev. Martin F. McCarthy (everyone calls him Marty) began the tribute with some special words of appreciation to Max for his dedication to making Troop 116 such a strong part of the Youth Ministry of the church. New Scoutmaster Gil Middlebrooks then introduced Committee Chairman Glenn Holladay who gave a brief history of previous Troop Scoutmasters. Max Treece holds the distinction of having the SM position longer than any of the 13 previous Scoutmasters since the Troop was chartered in April 1962. Past Scoutmaster Julian Love gave a summary of Max's history in Scouting, his many positions in the Mecklenburg County Council, and the many awards and recognitions already earned. The text of Julian's remarks are below.

Glenn Holladay returned to the podium to add some additional comments to recognize and express appreciation for Max's outstanding service to the Troop for nearly 20 years, and as Scoutmaster for the last 10. Glenn also noted that Max is not leaving the Troop, but is continuing as a member of the Troop Committee with important responsibilities. He then presented Max with special recognition gifts, and followed with an announcement that the Troop Committee had contributed an endowment gift to the Mecklenburg County Council in Max's name to honor him as a James E. West Fellow. This is a very special distinction for Max.

Finally, in a style reminiscent of a mother in an Eagle Award ceremony, Elaine was given a dozen roses.

Zeb Treece, 1992 Troop 116 Eagle Scout #99,
Max and Elaine Treece
New Scoutmaster Gil Middlebrooks
and Outgoing Scoutmaster Max Treece
James E. West Fellow Award Certificate
with Uniform Embroidered Square Knot
Crystal Recognition Pedistal
Troop Photo
with many signatures
Special Cake
Troop Booklet 2005-06
Troop Booklet Dedication
Inside Front Cover

Comments by Past Scoutmaster Julian Love

On Monday, May 11, 1987, an 11-year-old Cub Scout with a fresh Arrow of Light award from a Pack somewhere else in town came to me, the brand new Scoutmaster at that time, and wanted to join Troop 116. I'm glad I let him in because he later became one of our finest Patrol Leaders, and then our Senior Patrol Leader, and he filled several other leadership positions with distinction. In 1992 he was the Crew Leader of my first (and best) crew to go to Philmont Scout Ranch. Another one of this Scout's more noteworthy accomplishments, however, was the people he brought with him to the Troop - his dad, and later his brother. This distinguished Scout's name is Zeb, and he is here with us tonight from Clayton, NC. And his brother's name is Ben and his dad's name is Max, as in Max Treece.

This is a great and special occasion, having this opportunity to honor Max's 10-year tenure as Scoutmaster. While we are sad to see him step aside and leave us with the challenge of breaking in Gil Middlebrooks as the new Scoutmaster, we are excited that Max is sticking around as a Troop Leader to continue his great service to this Troop and to Scouting. How fortunate we have been here in this Troop to have Max's service given to us, now almost 20 years, and many more to come we hope. With a twist to General Douglas MacAruthur's famous quote about old soldiers never dieing but just fading away, us old Scoutmasters never die, but we don't seem to fade away either. Let's hope that's true with Max. How could we imagine going on a camping trip without Max's car, loaded with all 27 antennae, and cell phones, pagers, ham radios, and FRS walkie-talkies beeping, buzzing, ringing, and cracking making us all come to attention at any instant? And how about searching the campsite for that perfect spot to pitch a tent only to discover that Max already has that area cordoned off for a snoring zone. And, Max, please don't let the Email traffic drop off too much or I'm going to need to get the "patch" to wear to prevent symptoms of Email withdrawal.

All kidding aside, it has been my special privilege to have Max working with Troop 116, first as my very important backup, and then leading the Troop for so many years. We didn't have to train Max; he came into Troop 116 in 1987 already having his Wood Badge Beads, which he earned in 1985 while he was Cubmaster of Pack 165. Since then he has served on Wood Badge staff 4 times as well as support staff for many other adult leader training courses.

Max's list of Scouting positions is longer than just about anyone in the Mecklenburg County Council. Just to mention a few, he has been District Chairman, Council Training Chairman, Council Camping Chairman, the District Camporee Scoutmaster, Contingent Leader to Philmont Scout Ranch 3 times, National Scout Jamboree participant 3 times, both as a Troop leader and as support staff, and he continues to serve on the regional Camp Inspection Team for our area. And all this while he happened to slip in being our Scoutmaster for 10 years.

Max has also earned many Scouting credits and recognitions. First, he is a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow, Scouting's National Honor Society. The Vigil Honor is the highest level of membership. He has earned both the 50-Miler Award and Historic Trails Award more times than we can count. He holds the Scouters Training Award, earned both as a Cub Scout leader and a Boy Scout leader. And he has earned the Scouter's Key and the Adult Religious Award.

Max has been recognized as both the Cub Scout Leader of the Year and Boy Scout Leader of the Year in our district. In 1991 he was presented with the District Award of Merit, the highest recognition that can be bestowed by a District. In 1994, Max received the Silver Beaver, the highest and most prestigious Council recognition.

In 1995, the Council honored him with the Earl Gluck Training Award, and in 1997, Troop 116 applied for and received approval to present Max with the National President's Scoutmaster Award of Merit.

During his tenure as Scoutmaster, 70 Scouts have earned their Eagle Badge. And countless hundreds of Scouts and adults have passed through the gates of this great Troop to be on the receiving end of Max's extraordinary leadership, his positive influence and exemplary role model.

To be distributed later this evening, and before leaving tonight, everyone please be sure to pick up your family's copy of the new Troop Booklet, marked with your name. I'm holding Max's copy. Please note this year's dedication on the inside front cover. It reads: Troop 116 Scouts, leaders, parents, and members of St. John's Episcopal Church, are forever grateful to Max Treece for his dedicated service and tireless efforts given to the Troop and the Scouting program for more than 20 years and which he will continue to provide for many years to come. Max has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and he has been a positive influence and exemplary role model to hundreds of youth in Scouting, and to all those with whom he has been associated.

We thank you, Max, for all you have done and will continue to do.

Top Last Updated: December 5, 2005