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1. 12/01/03, Eagle COH, Max Treece & Frank Adams.
2. 06/17/97, BVI sailing, Princess of Tides (Max Treece captain), Len Fiume & Brian Schlenker
3. 06/18/00, Royal Gorge rafting, Owen Koch, Julian Love, Marshall Koch, Zeke Johnston, Rob Sellers, Ryan Taylor.
4. 07/07/98, Tooth of Time from Stockade, crew 627-J-1 (Julian Love advisor), Derek McGarry in foreground.
5. 06/30/03, Baldy Mtn. with crew 626-G-2 (Glenn Holladay advisor) approaching Miranda, Brian Schonder, Mark Loring, Robby Buddo, David Inscoe, Drew Gray, Matt Walker, Alex Barnes in foreground.
6. 08/28/10. Scuba diving.  Hunter Ives.
7. 07/24/91, Camp Grimes flag ceremony, Neal Brincefield, Andy Brincefield, Derek McGarry.
8. 07/18/04, Camp Grimes troop photo.
Troop 116 Advancement and Awards
Troop 116 Special Recognition Events

Troop Court of Honor, December 3, 2012
Presentation of the Council Award of Merit to Landon Holbert

Council Award of Merit presented to Landon Holbert
Council Advancement Chairman Joel Moser and Apache District Advancement Chairman Craig Gross
present award to Landon Holbert with parents Karen and Lane looking on.
Council Award of Merit
Presented to Landon Holbert
Troop Court of Honor
December 3, 2012

On Thurs, May 24, 2012, mid-afternoon, Landon Holbert was cutting the grass at a neighbor's house. Landon operates a lawn maintenance business and cares for several lawns in his neighborhood. This house had been recently purchased by John Bosworth, was undergoing some interior remodeling, and Mr. Bosworth had not yet moved in; the house was unoccupied. The lawn was in significant need of cutting and it took longer than usual to accomplish the task.

While working there, Landon noticed a bag of trash beside the house between the garage door and a bay window on the side of the house. The bag appeared to be smoking. It was later determined to be ordinary construction trash in a plastic bag, with a large fiberglass filter placed on top. Construction workers had been in the house that day replacing the kitchen floor. The filter had been impregnated with fumes from solvents and lacquer thinner that had been used during the day. The fumes from these solvents and the heat of the direct sun on the filter and trash bag eventually caused combustion of the fumes and flames quickly engulfed the contents fo the entire bag and threatened the house itself.

Landon's training as a Boy Scout told him not to panic, to evaluate the scene quickly, and to take action. He tried to turn on a hose connected to an outside faucet near the burning bag. But the water had been turned off due to the ongoing remodeling and the replacement of some plumbing fixtures in the house. He knew the house next door had a swimming pool. He saw a large plastic ice bucket near the pool and filled it with as much water as he could carry, took it to the fire and doused the flames.

Landon was successful in putting out the fire, even though he subjected himself to some degree of risk. His quick action most certainly prevented the fire from spreading to the garage door, the bay window, and causing significant damage to the house.

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