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1. 12/01/03, Eagle COH, Max Treece & Frank Adams.
2. 06/17/97, BVI sailing, Princess of Tides (Max Treece captain), Len Fiume & Brian Schlenker
3. 06/18/00, Royal Gorge rafting, Owen Koch, Julian Love, Marshall Koch, Zeke Johnston, Rob Sellers, Ryan Taylor.
4. 07/07/98, Tooth of Time from Stockade, crew 627-J-1 (Julian Love advisor), Derek McGarry in foreground.
5. 06/30/03, Baldy Mtn. with crew 626-G-2 (Glenn Holladay advisor) approaching Miranda, Brian Schonder, Mark Loring, Robby Buddo, David Inscoe, Drew Gray, Matt Walker, Alex Barnes in foreground.
6. 08/28/10. Scuba diving.  Hunter Ives.
7. 07/24/91, Camp Grimes flag ceremony, Neal Brincefield, Andy Brincefield, Derek McGarry.
8. 07/18/04, Camp Grimes troop photo.
Troop 116 Advancement and Awards
Troop 116 Eagle Scouts
Eagle Badge Boy Scout Troop 116 is proud of its members who have earned the highest rank in Scouting, THE EAGLE SCOUT AWARD. There are many special stories about Troop 116 Eagle Scouts related to their Boards of Review and Courts of Honor. Two of note are as follows:

The 100th Eagle Award Celebration and Troop Reunion was a highlight event at St. John's Episcopal Church on Sunday, July 12, 1992. When the Eagle Scout Oath was administered to Zack Bumgarner by Scoutmaster Julian Love, sixty-five Eagles were standing at the front of the church, a unique and special ceremony. In attendance for the award ceremony and the reunion reception following the church service, some returning from great distances, were fifty-five of the Troop's Eagle Scouts, seven Scoutmasters, and approximately 200 others including previous Senior Patrol Leaders, other Troop leaders, family and friends. Over forty of the currently active Scouts and Scouters were present in uniform as part of the ceremony and as hosts at the reception.

Bryan Wood's Eagle Board of Review has become legendary for the story about how he surprised the reviewers with a startling revalation in resonse to a trick trivia question. See below to read about it and see pictures.

The following members of Troop 116 have earned the Eagle Scout Award since the Troop was chartered in April, 1962.

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There is a favorite Troop 116 story, now a troop legend, about the July 1991 Eagle Board of Review for Bryan Wood, Troop 116 Eagle Scout #95. During the examination, the council reviewer used a fairly common tactic that these guest reviewers sometimes employ and asked a sort of "trick" question, intended to catch the Eagle candidate off guard. The reviewer asked Bryan what was on the tombstone of Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the world Scouting movement, who is buried in Africa. The answer he was looking for is the fact that on the tombstone is the trail sign meaning "end of the trail" or "I have gone home." It is a circle with a dot. We always try to prep the Scouts for the possibility of these kinds of trivia questions, but Bryan's response stopped the show. To the total surprise of everyone, he responded that he would answer the question by showing them a picture, and he pulled out of his neatly pressed uniform shirt pocket a photograph of himself standing beside Baden-Powell's grave in Kenya.

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